Finally, A Treatment for Myopia That Works

Myopia or nearsightedness causes blurred distance vision. It usually starts in childhood as young as seven or eight years of age and it typically worsens every year. Sometimes it stops worsening in young adulthood, sometimes it only slows down and sometimes it keeps getting worse.

Dr. Thomas Aller has been conducting clinical research in San Bruno, California on potential treatments for myopia progression for the last 18 years. He was the principal investigator of the CONTROL study, the world’s first clinical trial of a method for controlling myopia which proved there is an effective way to control the gradual worsening of myopia. He has several publications on his method and has collaborated with Professor Christine Wildsoet at the University of California, Berkeley for the last five years on clinical myopia research. Dr. Aller received one of the world’s first patents on a method of controlling myopia that actually works in the real world on real people. Dr. Aller is currently collaborating with an international team of researchers and contact lens manufacturers to help develop new types of contact lenses with “anti-myopia” properties. To see what’s new with this project, go to The Vision CRC page.

A recent editorial in The Journal of Optometry stated that the research that Dr. Aller has been conducting represents (along with the contributions of others) “The new wave in Optometry and Visual Science Research.” His research findings have also been cited in a recent Review of Optometry on myopia control techniques. An article in Contact Lens Spectrum on new approaches in myopia progression control prominently featured Dr. Aller’s research findings. A British magazine, The New Scientist just published a feature article on new developments in myopia control, very easy to read and includes Dr. Aller’s research findings.

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Read Dr. Aller’s Interviews in Los Angeles Times and San Mateo Times:

Dr. Aller was recently interviewed by the Los Angeles Times on the subject of the use of bifocal eyeglasses to control myopia. There was a recent study out of Canada that showed pretty good effectiveness in using a certain type of bifocal eyeglass in children with quickly worsening myopia. To read the article, click this LA Times link.

The San Mateo Times just did a feature article on Dr. Aller’s myopia research highlighting the experiences of two of his younger patients that have benefitted by having their myopia progression halted through the use of bifocal contact lenses. Go to the San Mateo Times to read this article.

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